Open iT has developped an application for the management of cameroonian payroll. It is written in french. An custom anglophone version can be made upon your request!

It incorporatets multiple salary models, state (IRPP) and communal tax calculations,  legal deductions, leave management, cash advance and loan management as well as custom modules upon your request.

Have a look at the screenshots. Contact us for a personal demonstration.

Establish easily pay slips for your employees. Even your tax superintendent will appreciate it!

The payroll slip looks when printed exactly as a regular type written one. It respects all cameroonian regulations and practices.

Manage also the compensation of loans and advances given earlier to your employees. The amounts to be compensated can be controlled with ease.

Master also sickness cost/insurance contributions using the functionality to settle medical costs and insurance rates.

Manage easily advances and loans!

The entry and management of loans and advances is very quick and straigtforward. Simply enter the amount paid to the employee and fix the amount of repayment.

With each payment slip you can compensate a determined portion of the advance /loan or a multiple of it. Keep control using the list showing all offsetted advance payments.

Open iT is at your diposition for a demonstration of the software.

If you think the software does not offer all the functionalities you need, we will add it for you!

As for a quote. You will be delighted how inexpensive execellent software can be!